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The Companie

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The compagnie Nulle Part is born in 2006 with the meeting of Colin CAMARET, Priam PIERRET, Elie LORIER and Christophe QUENEL, soon joined by Romain VOISINE and Anthony DAGNAS. Rich of many various experiences, they create their compagnie with the aim of leading a specific research about the combination of juggling and multimedia, exploring the undecided limits between the real and the imaginary and playing with the juxtapositions of real juggling and virtual juggling.

Its first goal has been to create a really original show, open on the imaginary by using multimedia tools as a support on stage, so the show « Zip Zap » was born.

Zip Zap, first show of the compagnie, is the result of two years of research and artitistic, computer and musical development.

The team

  • Elie LORIER

    Staging manager, actor juggler

    Born in an artists family, Elie Lorier was very young when he discovered the circus life. Puppets, mime, stilts, theater, pyrotechnic, juggling soon make him a versatil artist well-known by his peers.
    With Jérôme Thomas, he takes part to Hic Hoc and Le Banquet from the GR12 and present these shows in Asia, in Africa and in East-Europe.
    With « Clowns sans Frontières », he performs in Palestine and Central America. With the « Oboubambulle », his favorite compagnie, he browses Africa and Europe.
    Today, at the age of 39, Elie Lorier has taken part in more than 20 creations . Now oriented to the staging and the use of video, it was obvious for the Compagnie Nulle Part to ask him to be responsible of the staging of the show Zip Zap.

  • Colin CAMARET

    Actor juggler

    Colin Camaret, born in 1977, was very young when he discovered the magic world of street theater, by following the Cie Oboubambulle created by his uncle and his aunt. Autodidact but open to others and curious with the existing technics, he works as much the technics of cubic juggling created by Jérôme Thomas and Philippe Ménart with who he takes part in a juggling choregraphic writing workshop, than the ones of the « siteswap » theory, writing system, becoming famous in France by Denis Paumier, fundator of the Cie Les Objets Volants. Professional since 2002, Colin wants now to create a new chapter, more intimistic, inside a theater.
    Personnal website : Cabaret Jongle

  • Priam PIERRET

    Actor juggler

    Priam PIERRET is born in 1979 and lives in the city of Bordeaux. Computer science engineer and juggling fanatic, he plays the diabolo since 1992, and is considered in France and over the world as one the main reformist of the art of diabolo, in particular with the directing of the famous DVD DIABOLOGY and with his Bronze Medal at the 2004 Diabolo World Championships in Las Vegas. After performing widely in Europe with his solo act, Priam improved his acting skills with several street shows et other short creations. After the diabolo which is his speciality, he started practice new props like bouncing balls, cigar boxes and bubbles.
    Priam teach the art of diabolo in the circus and juggling schools, in France and abroad.
    Personnal website : Diabolord Priam

  • Anthony DAGNAS

    Actor juggler, accessories and stage manager

    Anthony Dagnas, at the age 31, is a drumer and a clubs juggler. After working on the art of clown with the Cie Les Arrosés and acting with the Cie La Tour de Babel, he focus on the development of beginner circus workshops and african drums workshops. Professional artist since 2002, Anthony joined the Cie Nulle Part to create the third character of Max in the show Zip Zap.

  • Romain VOISINNE

    Technical manager, decors designer

    Romain Voisinne, born in 1977, works as much with sound and lights. Being the technical manager of the Cie Oboubambulle, he met Elie Lorier during the tours in France and Africa. For Zip Zap, with his magic hands, Romain is as good to set up all the technic than to design the decors.

  • Christophe QUENEL

    Video editing, 3D design

    Il rencontre Priam en école d'ingénieur et se laisse embarquer dans la création de Zip Zap dès ses débuts, il participe aux résidences de création et crée les images diffusées à l'écran (effets vidéo, animations 2D et 3D).

  • Noémie PINGANAUD


    Noémie travaille pour l’association Tout Par Terre depuis Août 2014. Elle gère tout le travail administratif de la structure et s’implique dans les activités annexes de l’association, comme la mise en place d’ateliers de jonglerie ou encore dans l’organisation d’événementiels (La Charente fait son Cirque...).

  • Laurence PIGNIER


    Laurence a intégré l’équipe en Octobre 2014, pour s’occuper de la diffusion de la Cie Nulle Part et de la Cie Tout Par Terre. Elle s’occupe des tournées de tous les spectacles des Cies Tout Par Terre et Nulle Part